Oh no… not another WEDDING blog.

We know what you are thinking. Another wedding blog? Have no fear. This isn’t just another wedding blog. It is THE wedding blog. It is not full of fluffy words, unfulfilled promises or sales pitches. It is a tell-all wedding blog with no filter added. It is time to lay it all out there. You’re engaged! Congratulations. Now to plan. Yes, it comes that quickly. Be prepared for the wedding questions because they are hot off the press.

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2019 Pinterest-Perfect Summer Wedding Trends

It’s 2019, and trends are being recycled and refurbished- figuratively and literally. In 2019, classic meets boho-chic and a little of everything in between. For those planning a wedding for summer of 2019 or simply attending one, here are the top trends to keep in mind.

It would be a lie to say florists aren’t raving over this year’s wedding trends because we are. Flowers are as popular as ever, but our job won’t be easy.

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