Engagement Party Checklist

If the wedding is the grand finale, the engagement party is a sneak preview. Planning an engagement party is not as complicated as planning a wedding, but it still requires planning and strategy to be a successful shindig. Our engagement party checklist will show you some hip ways to debut the two (soon-to-be-joined-at-the-hip) lovebirds to their closest friends and loved ones.

Set the Stage to be Engaged

An engagement is a happy time as it means that two people have beat the odds and managed to find lasting love.

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2019 Pinterest-Perfect Summer Wedding Trends

It’s 2019, and trends are being recycled and refurbished- figuratively and literally. In 2019, classic meets boho-chic and a little of everything in between. For those planning a wedding for summer of 2019 or simply attending one, here are the top trends to keep in mind.

It would be a lie to say florists aren’t raving over this year’s wedding trends because we are. Flowers are as popular as ever, but our job won’t be easy.

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THE Graduation Party Checklist

CHECK 1: Planning

First things first in the graduation party process is the planning phase. This part can be both fun and tedious, depending on which decisions you are making. The obvious place to start is to set a date and time. This sounds simple, but the right date can determine how many people attend.

For instance, if your graduation party is taking place during the normal months of graduation,

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