Summer Wedding Floral Trends

What a year 2020 has been. There have been so many couples with hearts broken due to canceled or delayed wedding celebrations. So many people have been impacted, this one just hits a little closer to home.

What couple would ever think they would have to pause, halt, re-plan or cancel their wedding due to a pandemic?

Our hearts go out to you, whether you are newly engaged or re-planning for the second time.

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Flower Trends You’ll Want to Know this Year

The power of flowers- they are a universal treasure. You see the art and appreciation of flowers from several avenues. They are seen in our clothing attire, used in both food and drink, repurposed into lotions and perfumes and our favorite, given to express emotion.

With all that in mind, florals are bound to be in your life, in some capacity. The choice is to learn to embrace what you cannot avoid in whatever capacity that is.

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Houseplant Threats

You’ve done everything you can think of. You’ve watered it. You’ve placed it next to your window for optimal lighting. You’ve even sung to it, yet still, the beautiful plant that you bought to brighten your home is doing anything but.

In fact, if we’re honest, that plant is looking quite sad since you’ve taken ownership. Fear not! We’re here to help you figure out exactly what is going on with your plant buddies and how to save them before it’s too late.

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How to Celebrate an “Untraditional” Graduation

We are all feeling it, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has impacted jobs, the economy, mental health and the overall function of a person’s day-to-day life. As stressful as these times are for us adults, it is important to consider the impact it is having on our younger generations.

While recent circumstances are impacting everyone differently, it is important to consider their feelings. Many of their remaining childhood milestones are being robbed from them- one by one.

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How to Throw a Dirty Thirty Birthday Party

Turning thirty- it feels dirty to some. For many, it is even a crippling feeling. To make the most of this monumental age, it is best to have fun with the celebration. We are here to make the process a little easier by compiling everything you’ll need to throw a dirty thirty birthday bash.

For some, a dirty thirty party consists of a PG roasting of the aging birthday guy or gal, or it can be a crudely comical party hating on the age.

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Mother’s Day for Pet Moms

A mother is not defined by the act of birth. Instead, a mother is defined by her actions. A mother gives love and provides shelter, safety and care. This is a natural instinct that brings out the best in us. For some, this relationship occurs with a child, but for others, the relationship is with a beloved animal.

There are all kinds of mothers, and Mother’s Day should not exclude any of the moms out there.

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